Dec 30, 2017

10 Money Savy New Year’s Eve Decor Tips

(Not To Mention – Super Cute!)

10. Hot Chocolate Bar.  This is more of a fun, child/non-alcoholic friendly idea.  Set up a bar in your home with hot chocolate and different toppings to add into the hot chocolate. We love this idea, and kids love it too! Check out a fun hot chocolate bar below.

9. Streamers.  You can use streamers to create a photo wall.  Inexpensive, fun and interactive! Inspo below.

8. Desserts/Cupcakes. Let’s be real here.  Any display of desserts is beautiful and clearly going to be a very large focus of the party.  You can never go wrong with cupcakes.  Cute, can be used for decor and you get to eat it? Win win win.

7. DYI Resolutions Wall.  Love it.  Put up some butchers paper, the other side of wrapping paper, or you can be creative and find some nice paper sheets from Michael’s, post it to a wall and give everyone a marker to write in their resolutions for the new year! It’s cute, interactive and fun for everyone.  Another great idea, keep it until next year and see if any resolutions have come true!

6. NYE Attire/Noise Makers/Confetti.  Most people purchase those cute NYE hats, lei’s, noise makers and confetti anyways for NYE, so why not use it for decor as well? Who says you can’t multi purpose items.  Plus, those items can be found at any dollar store and are very inexpensive. Inspo below.

5. Christmas Tree/Christmas Decor.  Who says Christmas decor can’t be used as New Years Eve decor! Why not use your Christmas tree, swap some of the Santa decorations and add in some NYE hats, noise makers and confetti and you have yourself a NYE tree! What about those Christmas balls that are silver, gold or white? That can easily be converted to cute NYE centrepieces with adding in some more of those NYE items available.

4. Old Wine/Champagne Bottles.  With a little bit of paint/spray paint you can turn any old wine/champagne bottles into cute decor! Inspo below.

3.  Champagne/Mimosa Bar. Champagne is relativity inexpensive and it is likely you’ll have it around the house on NYE to “pop it like its hot” and bring in the New Year.  So why not create a champagne/mimosa bar to showcase all the beautiful bottles.  Add in some juice and other fun items to put in your drink and you’ve got a beautiful display.  Check out this one below for some inspiration!

2. Balloons.  I highly consider balloons to be an underrated piece of decor.  Some find it tacky, I find it classic.  There are so many ways to use balloons as decor.  Balloon photo walls, balloon centrepieces, the year in balloons and my favourite, the cascading champagne wall balloons like this PartyCity one. Inexpensive and large to the point where you wouldn’t need any other decor. Win win.

1.  Clocks.  Absolutely love the idea of clocks for NYE decor! Clocks are of course perfect to keep up with the countdown, and also clocks are very inexpensive.  Clocks can be found at second hard stores, Walmart and surely, you have some old clocks laying around the house somewhere.  Here are just a few of our favourite clock decor ideas.


P.S. All of our inspo comes from the best place for inspiration, Pinterest! Check out our Pinterest boards for all of these ideas and more! Happy Pinning and Happy New Year’s!

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