Feb 22, 2021

When Beauty and Magic Prevail

There were many changes last year, some disheartening, some heartbreaking, some thought provoking, some beautiful and some magical.  When it comes to weddings, we know all of the above is true.

While 2020 left us wondering, wishing and hoping for more, what also came out of a confusing year, was a lot of beauty.

Beauty in the form of creativity for weddings, the undeniable love that can be found between another.  The fact that love surpasses all, even a pandemic. 

What we saw in creativity was that weddings still occurred in different forms and in different ways.  While micro weddings and elopements were always a thing, we saw a boost in the execution and development of both.  Micro weddings, are intimate weddings with normally less than 50 guests in attendance.  Elopements are when the couple decides to get married without the knowledge of anyone else or in secret.

What we also saw was how people were able to connect with loved ones through virtual formats and still allowed loved ones to be a part of the wedding, no matter the location or size limitations.  

What we loved was how the love of each couple was what prevailed and more importantly, how that still remained the important element of the wedding.  People often forget, that the entire point of a wedding is the beauty of the matrimony.  Two souls coming together and committing to one another for a lifetime of love.  That no matter what, couples were adamant of marrying each other, regardless of what was going on.  That truly showed that, no matter what, love is what matters most. 

Even though weddings weren’t able to be what was originally planned for, what we loved was that couples still went through with their weddings, just in a revised format.  Instilling the beauty and the passion of smaller weddings, to ensure that the day still had the significant meaning.

What we noticed was weddings were still elegant, beautifully decorated and intimate despite any limitations.

We often forget to view the beauty and the positives when changes can occur and from all of the above, here is what we viewed as some amazing positives from weddings of this year:

  1. Weddings still occurred.  Enough said.
  2. The couple committed to one another in matrimony.
  3. Although weddings had limitations, they were still beautiful and magical.
  4. With smaller numbers, budget was often not an issue.  
  5. With budget not being an issues, decor and floral dreams were able to be achieved without compromise.
  6. Decor and florals went over expectations. 
  7. Beautiful memories were still created during a difficult time.
  8. A pandemic didn’t stop dreams from coming true.
  9. Creativity surpassed limitations.
  10. Love never stopped.

Let’s keep the love going.  Share the love and contact us to discuss your amazing wedding plans events@waltzly.com

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