Nov 10, 2017

Should These Wedding Traditions Stay or Go?

10. Kissing Games – Games to invoke the bride and groom to kiss.  This could go either way.  It’s cute but are people really invested? For the bride and groom, it’s their wedding day, they’re going to kiss anyways.  At that, I will leave the vote up to you!

9. Cake Cutting – Anything that involves cake is in.

8. Any family dance – This hands down has to stay, any traditional family dance,whether that be father/daughter, groom/mother, they should all stay.  Having those special moments is what makes a wedding so beautiful.

7. Conga Line –  The Conga is a traditional novelty dance from Cuba that made it’s way to North America around the 40’s-50’s.  The conga line is really for those at your wedding of the older generations.  I don’t know if you’ve ever watched people in a conga line, but no one seems to enjoy it… and it goes really slow, it’s very outdated.  I vote it retires.

6. Shout – Can you believe this song has been around since 1959? Or should I stay making wedding history since 1959.  You know this song, you’ve danced to it, you’ve shouted to it, you’ve gotten low to it, you’ve been in the crowd for this one and you’ve imagined your own Wedding Crashers version.  It’s classic, it’s awesome and it gets the party going.  I hope this stays forever.

5. The Sock Dance – Double ugh. This is also a tradition that is kinda embarrassing for someone.  If you don’t know what the sock dance is, it’s a dance that any older sibling would do if a younger sibling ties the knot before them.  Basically they put on some ugly sock and dance by themselves to a ridiculous song and people traditionally are supposed to throw money at them.  Super embarrassing if you have to be the one to dance this dance right?  Also, having money thrown at you with ugly socks, even worse.  I vote this goes, and stays away forever.

4. The Garter/Bouquet Toss – You guys… I’m not a fan of this tradition (*crowd gasps*) – wait, what? I know, it’s hard to hear.  It is a tradition beloved by many, but really it’s kind of awkward. Everyone stands on the dance floor, praying, waiting for a garter thats been worn all day (ew) to be thrown into a crowd of guys, that you know you have the one friend who is guaranteed to catch it because they always do (you know which friend you’re thinking of). Then all the girls stand around awkwardly hoping to catch that bouquet to possibly be the next to walk down the aisle (all while telling your boyfriend you sooooo did not want to catch it).  First of all, it kind of singles out the single people (singles out, ha!) and does your grandmother really need to see your man go up your dress? Probably not… guys you may hate me, but I vote this tradition goes.

3. The Photo Montage – You know, where the bride and groom have embarrassing photos of each other put up on a giant slide show with cheesy music playing to it. I’m impartial to this tradition.  While it can be cheesy, it is also a great visual for guests, especially the embarrassing photos.  It also paints a picture of all of the adventures they couple goes on, which shows you who they really are.  Ya, I’m falling for it, I say it stays.

2. The Chicken Dance – Ugh, why is this even a thing and who started this so called tradition? For real, there is nothing good that can come out of drunk people trying to dance like chickens.  A chicken wouldn’t even do this dance.  Hoping this tradition soon becomes a distance memory.

1. Corinthians 13:7 – “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never fails”, who doesn’t remember that fateful scene in a Walk To Remember when Mandy Moore and Shane West – (*spoiler alert) – get married where her dad, the reverend, recites her favourite reading as they exchange vows.  Tear. Jerker. I’m a sucker for this beautiful reading, whether religious or not, it is quite beautiful.  However, is it outdated? I personally think it’s classic. I vote this stays, after all, you don’t hear it at every wedding and it is so classic.

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