Jul 31, 2017

Wedding Vendors: What Information Do They Need?

When organizing a wedding, couples have the pleasure of working with multiple vendors through the process.  From photographers, to musicians, dj’s, decorators, florists, videographers, officiants, venue coordinators and the list goes on.

Now the question is, which vendors should have which information? First and foremost, think of the venue as the central entity.  The venue should have as much information as possible and they also require the most information as possible.  The venue should not only have all of your meal selections, and beverage selections, but they should also have your final guest counts, timelines, agenda, vendors information, vendor arrival and departure times, emergency contacts (who to contact on the day of, just in case – which should never be the bride or groom), and any other information that is relevant.  The central entity should have all of the information about the wedding because the majority of the day is taking place in that one area and the coordinators of the venue are in charge of ensuring all items of the venue run smoothly.

That being said, who else should have that type of information?  If you hired a wedding planner, that person should have as much information as possible as well, to be able to perform their job to the best of their abilities. The wedding planner is essentially the person in charge of ensuring everything runs smoothly for the couple and according to timelines that the couple has put together. They were hired to execute the event, therefore they should have everything possible to execute the event correctly.

The DJ or band, photographer, videographer and MC, should have all of the timelines and agenda for the day as well.  Many people ask, why do those vendors need that information?  Well, your band or DJ should have timelines or agendas as that way they are able to follow the schedule to know when they should be cued in.  For example, a DJ may be instructed to play certain music at certain times, however without an agenda, it may be difficult for them to arrange.  A DJ is often also the person who controls the sound of the evening from the microphone, to the music, to the slideshows etc.  It is imperative that this person knows the timelines and schedules to ensure they are performing their part correctly. Photographer and videographer would have similar roles to a DJ or band, if the photographer and videographer are hired to shoot specific parts of the wedding, they should be included in the timelines and the schedules to know what should be done at what time to ensure they receive the proper shots are taken.

The MC is also in charge of ensuring the evening runs smoothly and according to the schedule.  It is their job to ensure the timeline to the evening is correct and that it runs smoothly.  The MC is ensuring that the speeches run on time, that the speeches are in a correct order, that the guests are aware of the housekeeping items, etc.  The person designated to the MC job does have an important job to keep the flow of the evening and should have access to what should be done at what time.

A wedding does require a lot of coordination from different people or vendors for the day to run smoothly, especially since there are so many components to a wedding.  If there is ever any doubt as to which vendor should have which information, don’t be afraid to ask them.  They will be pleased to provide insights on what information they require to provide the best service possible, after all, that’s what each wedding should strive for.


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